Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The incredible success of Big Piano™

Big Piano™  is an icon of our time,a revolutionary musical instrument that merges music, dance and play. Big Piano touches the chords of sensibility.  (wikipedia)

It positively influences the people who play it, transporting them to another dimension. The joyful notes of Big Piano™  create social synergies that transform mindsets and relationships to peaceful and playful states of being.  watch the BIG PIANO photoshow 

Big Piano is agelessAnyone can play it. A three-year-old can jump on the bright notes of Big Piano
Little ones can crawl across it. Seniors can take their time and stroll on Big Piano.  

Peter Ustinov Omni, on his show The New Frontier, called Big Piano a "toy for the mind" and a "genuine source of pleasure for human spirit."

Remo Saraceni, Italian American artist and designer, invented and patented Big Piano long before the movie BIG. In 1978 he has been awarded a U.S. Energy Conservation Award. .(please visit Remo's Youtube Channel)

On the big screen Big Piano became famous thanks to the acrobatics of Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia (1988). Since then Big Piano has played into the hearts of millions of people.
Numerous publications have charted the emergence and spread of this revolutionary tool that energizes the human spirit. ( Big Piano Pubblications )

This famous Icon is etched in the memories of 500millions of people all over the world. The images and magic melodies of Big Piano are alive today. The movie BIG is still distributed in television and home video blue ray. 

Big Piano is advertised in several TV shows. On You Tube there is a long list of users generating over 100 millions views. 

Big Piano is not only a media phenomenon but is present in all its beauty in over 1500 museums and discovery centers largely in the United States, South America and Canada. 

Everyday thousands of people dance and play on Big Piano everywhere it is installed in museums all over the world. 

FAO Schwarz toy chain has sold
Big Piano every day since 1988. 

For over twenty five years people have been playing this magical instrument in their ownhomes.

The Outdoor BIG PIANO transforms any open area into a playground of happiness and gentle sensory experience, generating light, music and fun. 
This is an evolution of the original Big Piano and it is playing right now.

Another evolution of the original Big Piano was installed for the first time at Papalote Children Museum, in Mexico City

The Musical Stairs will always be part of the same scenery as Tom Hanks's cult movie "BIG".  (see the New York Times  )

Musical Stairs is now resonating all over the world for more information please visit our website.  

Now the evolution of Big Piano resonates music, play, and peace all over the world. Remo Saraceni’s timeless invention connects positive human energies in a celebration dedicated to a new and harmonious tomorrow.  WWW.PAXPIANO.ORG

Never limit your field of dreams ....Think "Big" !

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your innovation with the world. It is a better place because of you!